Welcome to Thundernode


The concept is very simple. You create nodes by burning coins (50/75/100) and you will receive coins (2.4, 3.84, 5.44) every single day, for life.


Making order out of chaos

Enjoy defi hedging without killing your profit.

The purpose of Thundernode is to be a gate to High-Yield DeFi. Many such protocols require a large starting capital and are risky by nature. By investing in multiple high yield projects you will enjoy more safety without killing your profits. Our goal is to offer a way to participate in such protocols (such as OHM, $TIME, Meta Islands) just by investing in one single token. At the moment we are developing our tokenomics and the technology that will allow us to allocate funds properly.

Buy Thundernode (THN)

You can buy coins on your favorite BSC exchange (PancakeSwap, Poocoin...).

Choose your node size

We offer 3 node sizes with different APYs. The large nodes offer a bigger APY the respective prices are 50, 75 and 100 $THN.

Create your node

Now that you know what node you want you simply have to create it. The tokens will be burned and you will start earning passive income.

Claim your rewards

You nodes will generate tokens that you can claim on our App. You simply have to press on "Claim"

Create more nodes

If the price of the coin goes up, the price of one node will be higher. You can create multiple nodes using your rewards.

Enjoy your massive passive income

You can reinvest or sell. The more nodes you have the more passive income you will generate.


Cutting edge technology.

The rewards are distributed in 6 cycles of 4 hours each. Meaning that every 4h you will receive 1/6 of your rewards.

Daily rewards

You will be able to claim your rewards in the web app, every single day.

Advanced web application

Our web app allows you to claim your rewards everyday.

Cutting edge smart contract

Our developers are experienced. They optimized the smart contract to avoid as many gas fees as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the tokens used for node creation?

70% are transferred in the rewards pool. 10% of the tokens are added to the liquidity pool, 20% go into the marketing/staff wallet to ensure the funcioning of the whole protocol..

Where can I buy Thundernode?

0xe3cadc2bc7731860bc2a57f6b5ca24439b880ddb . By entering this contract on PancakeSwap you can purchase our coins. You can then go to our App and create nodes.

What blockchain is Thundernode using, and why?

Thundernode's protocol is deployed in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) we decided to use the BSC to avoid high gas fees. The network is stable and has very low gas fees.